Indoor & Outdoor furniture in Mallorca

At BONAIRE4, we combine the experience of professionals from different specialties around a house definition.

We start with houses even from their initial design, working on the details to obtain the best final result. Obsession for creating a finished look based on aesthetics without losing functionality.

Lighting, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor furniture, … thought from the beginning to achieve a uniform aesthetic.

Architects, interior luxury designers, infographics, technicians, decorators and auxiliary services aligned toward the same vision.

home staging mallorca

Home staging Mallorca

Home staging is about illusions. Staging makes your house look brighter, cleaner, warmer and more loving. This is accomplished by plants, carpets, single elements, air fresheners,...

luxury furniture mallorca

Outdoor furniture Mallorca

Over 200.000 references and budgets of all types, sometimes to find a piece that even changes a whole ambient makes it a complicated task to be done by someone with the knowledge to find it for you.

interior designers mallorca bonaire4

Interior decoration projects

We take decoration concept further than just a selection of furniture but selecting those other elements than create a complete atmosphere (lighting, paintings, curtains, walls, floors,...)

interior design mallorca bonaire4

Interior design Mallorca

This is in our soul. Redefinition of spaces or creation of new ones from scratch. Technical drawings and plans life oriented. Maximizing, improving,... initial distribution.

interior design refurbishing mallorca

Project Management Mallorca

When interior drawings need to be carried out, project management and supervision of technical staff is necessary to be sure that everything is accomplished as planned.

luxury outdoor furniture mallorca

LandScaping in Mallorca

We have specialist to design your garden and to keep a perfectly balanced combination of hardscape (patios) and softscape (plants).