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Bonaire4 Interior Design Studio

About Us


“Dreaming homes”

Bonaire4 is an interior design studio with an architectural soul, specialized in creating and redefining dream spaces. The project was born in 2014 through the efforts of a team composed of interior designers, architects, and decorators with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Our Team

Meet our executive team

Alberto Pozo

Managing Director. 


Maika Julià

Associate Interior Architect.

Design Director

Verónica Brac

Associate Interior Designer.

Project Manager

Libertad Fonseca

Associate ARCHITECT.

Project Manager

Lupe Cano



Our Showroom

Our showroom serves as a captivating showcase for the brands and products we represent, embodying the essence and quality of our taste. It offers a curated display of kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, lighting, and furniture variations, highlighting the diversity of finishes and designs. This immersive experience allows clients to explore and appreciate the richness of our offerings firsthand.

Our Studio

Our office is a hub of technological and material resources, providing everything essential for the flawless implementation of interior design projects. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and an extensive array of materials, it serves as a creative and efficient workspace where design concepts seamlessly transform into stunning interior realities.

Our Warehouses

We boast 2 strategically located warehouses of a total of 500 sqm to accommodate both showroom and customer needs. The first warehouse houses the diverse range of products showcased in the showroom, ensuring impeccable presentation. The second warehouse is designed for efficient storage and distribution of products to customers, guaranteeing swift and accurate deliveries.


25 years to achieve


With over two decades of individual experience, our team members bring unparalleled expertise in architecture, interior design, and furniture, culminating in harmonious, timeless, and captivating spaces.


Drawing from extensive academic backgrounds and enriched by active engagement in trade shows, our team, proficient in architecture, interior design, and furniture, curates spaces that reflect innovation and knowledge.


2013 / Opening

Bonaire4 opens its showroom as an alternative to the market with disruptive luxury brands and personal experience of Maika Julià as creative director.

2020 / Design Recognition

Bonaire4’s local market consolidation was achieved through unwavering commitment to quality, innovative solutions, and responsive customer-centric approach being nominated as one of best showrooms in the island.

2017 / Kitchen & Baths

In order to better cater to the comprehensive needs of home improvement, we incorporated a kitchen and bathroom offer into our showroom.

2023 / NS Alliance

Following a series of international ventures, Bonaire4 entered into a strategic partnership with NESTSEEKERS to spearhead its expansion initiatives across the Americas and the broader European market.

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